Video by Chris Thiessen, words by Mike Fitz

This summer’s Ball Park Jam turned up the heat in Miami with the SK8MAFIA and Black Label teams joining forces in what’s only to be known as the “Black Mafia.” The skaters on hand were Wes Kremer, Tyler Surrey, Jimmy Cao and Shuriken Shannon. Our crew floated from the ritzy, white sand beaches of South Beach to the rough and rugged surrounding neighborhoods in hot pursuit of Miami’s classic street spots. We got a hood pass at the Ghetto Banks as “Big Momma” and her crew cheered on the session. She also set our minds at ease as she told the neighborhood thugs to keep it moving as they eyed our camera equipment. We skated for hours and when we wrapped it up, there was an exchange of SK8MAFIA T’s for the locals and a brown bagged tall can for Wes conquering his trick.

In addition to the many amazing street spots we hit up, there was the Ball Park Jam at the legendary MIA Skate Park hosted by Ed Selego and his tight crew of co-workers. Aside from a high speed collision from Shuriken and Tyler, the demo was a success. Wes and Jimmy annihilated every angle of the park, and the two man demo shocked the fans. Once the last tricks were landed and the sweat factor had reached new heights, we cooled off with the locals. We grilled dogs, tossed product, the team signed autographs, and everyone left with a full belly and a smile on their face. Big thanks to Ed, Abe, Laz and the entire MIA staff, especially Richard and Rene for showing us around their city and Big Momma for holding us down at one of  Miami’s most infamous spots. The Black Mafia will gladly return to Miami as soon as the Dons schedule another sit down.


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